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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care


I use quality sterling silver, copper and brass products. Every bit of your necklace, down to the ring that attaches your pendant to your chain is sterling silver. I do not use anything silver or gold plated. I also use quality freshwater pearls and swarovski crystal beads. I do not use plastic crystals or painted pearls.

Sterling silver does tarnish after time. To ensure longevity and long lasting shine, I include with your purchase a polishing square at no extra charge. I want your piece to remain beautiful throughout the years. I encourage you to store the necklace or bracelet in a jewelry pouch or plastic bag, which I also include, when you are not wearing it. Avoid putting your necklace on paper, rubber or cardboard, which will cause tarnishing to happen at a quicker pace. The natural oils and sweat from your skin will also create tarnish. Do not use any jewelry dips or cleaners. Do not wear when in the shower, swimming or while you sleep. Thank you for your kind patronage and I hope you enjoy your jewelry for many years to come!

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